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STOK Scale Up Organizations Face-to-Face program starts again

As part of our European Union funded Civil Society Capacity Strengthening Center project, we are launching the STOK 400 - Scale Up Organizations face-to-face program in November.

STOK 400 - Scale Up Organizations, a long-term program, targets organizations that aim to strengthen organizational capacity and establish institutional and sustainable systems within the organization. Scale Up Organizations addresses economic governance, volunteer relations, research methods for evidence-based advocacy, and effective communication and mechanisms within the organization.

The application deadline is Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m

STOK 400 - Scale Up Organizations face-to-face program is open to CSO representatives only.

In this long-term program where we meet with organizations for 4 months on a variety of topics, we designed each piece of content to be mutually supportive. The content has been prepared with a comprehensive and structured capacity building approach that combines participants' practical experiences with academic and professional knowledge.

There is a single application form for this training program, which spans a 4-month period between November 2023 and February 2024. With this single application, you will apply for all 4 titles. You will need to schedule 3 days per month for each title and attend all content if your application is accepted.

The dates for the scheduled courses are as follows:

November 22-23-24, 2023       401 - Social Benefit and Economic Entrepreneurship 
December 20-21-22, 2023       402 - Volunteer Relations
January 24-25-26, 2024           403 - Effective Communication and Mechanisms within the Organization
February 21-22-23, 2024          404 - Research Methods for Evidence-Based Advocacy


Before registering for the Scale Up Organizations face-to-face program, we recommend that you complete the online content of 400 - Scale Up Organizations on the STOK learning platform. If you have completed the online content on the STOK learning platform at the time of registration, you will be given priority.

We remind you that you must fill out the application form completely and carefully in order for your application to be evaluated.

In STOK 400 - Scale Up Organizations;

  • You will deepen your knowledge of topics needed to build a peaceful work life in your organization, such as conflict management, non-violent communication, teamwork, and feedback mechanisms;
  • You will receive information about existing volunteer practices around the world and in Turkey, and learn the steps to design volunteer programs that meet your organization's needs;
  • You will learn how to develop the business plan and revenue models needed by the economic enterprise, a resource development method for your organization, to make the most efficient contribution to the social benefit you want to achieve;
  • You will learn the steps you need to follow to create a research design, collect and analyze data, and report on those analyzes consistent with your goals for evidence-based advocacy.

How can you apply?

If you would like to participate in 400-Scale Up Organizations' Face-to-Face program, simply complete the application form. To apply, you must first log in to the STOK learning platform. You can register for the system here and access the application form by following the next steps.

The application deadline is Sunday, November 5, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

All trainings will be held in Ankara. Accommodation and travel expenses of participants coming from outside Ankara will be covered by STGM.

The evaluation of your application will be completed within 10 days after the application deadline and you will receive a response to your application. Please note that if your application is accepted, a "letter of support" will be requested from the management organ of the organization you represent stating that they support your participation in the entire program on behalf of your organization.

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