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Children's Perception of Peace

According to the report; “What is peace?” Some children answered the question, “It is bird sounds instead of gunshots”, “There is no gunfire in Sur. Many places were destroyed,” “No one dies,” “Peace for me is home. Because I feel safe at home”.
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Children's Rights
Colorful Hopes Association

131 children between the ages of 5-15 participated in the workshop "Children's Perception of Peace", which was carried out collectively by the Colorful Hopes Association (RUMUD), Child Everywhere Association (ÇOHADER), ZAN Foundation, Migration and Humanitarian Relief Foundation. 

In the conclusion part of the report, it was stated that the children affected by the curfews and conflicts in Sur mostly expressed peace as "no conflict":


“Children stand out as the most vulnerable group affected by the destruction experienced due to armed conflicts and curfews in the central Sur district of Diyarbakır between 2015-2016. In the conflict period experienced, some children had to leave their homes with their families and go to a different environment, while others could not leave their homes due to prohibitions and were exposed to a conflict environment for a long time. Children who go out of their daily life habits have moved away from their school, street, and playmates.

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August 2022