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Plan Lover Organizations Courses

Çevrimiçi Okul
General Information

Situation analysis, evaluation, goal tree, monitoring, logical framework, project cycle, planning, strategic plan, indicator, stakeholder analysis, impact, problem tree… Plan Lover Organizations Courses is designed for everyone who wants to learn, remember and apply the strategic management approach which includes those above and many other similar concepts. 

Strategic management is the process of continuous analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation of an organization's needs, environment, activities and projects in order to achieve its goals and objectives. Changes in the civic space in which we are moving require that we constantly evaluate our strategies, activities and projects in order to reach a little more of the change we want to create. Here, the strategic management process helps us evaluate our current situation, identify strategies, put them into practice, and analyze the effectiveness of implemented management strategies. 

Plan Lover Organizations Courses consists of 4 titles. Each title was designed independently from each other, but in a way that supports each other. You can start from the subject you want and progress at the speed you want. 

Original digital program and content of Plan Lovers Organizations Courses is prepared by Dr. Burçak Özoğlu, Mert Altıntaş and Tuğçe Bahadır Cankara. 

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What will you learn?
  • You will learn basic analysis concepts and analysis methods such as status, stakeholder, issue, goal, strategy, activity, budget and resource.
  • You will understand the relationship between basic analysis and planning and improve your planning skills.
  • You will understand the components of project management and the relationship between them, and increase your project management skills.
  • You will define the concepts of monitoring and evaluation, learn about monitoring and evaluation processes, their components,, and learn about monitoring and evaluation activities at different levels.
Who should take Plan Lovers Organizations’ Courses?

Individuals who want to meet the concept of strategic management, activists, volunteers and employees who are involved in the planning and management processes of a civil society organization and who want to increase their knowledge and skills in applying the strategic management approach can join Plan lOvers Organizations Courses. 

In order to follow the program, there is no need for any basic knowledge and skills related to the topics covered. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection to watch, listen, read and do the digital exercises prepared for you. 

How much time should you spend?

One of the best aspects of digital learning is that the learning pace is determined by the learner. There is no set start and end date for Plan Lovers Organizations Courses. You can start at the time you set and finish at the pace you set.

Our recommendation to you is to spend 1.5-2 hours a week and complete the entire program in 4 weeks. The video content in “Plan Lovers Organizations’ Courses” is 4 hours; reading materials take 3 hours. So the total duration of all content is 7 hours.

How to Join?

Just click the “Register” button. You will first be directed to the STOK digital learning platform. Here you need to confirm that you want to register for the "Plan Lovers Organizations’ Courses" program by clicking the "register" button once again. After completing the registration form that appears after approval, the system will direct you to the program and you will be able to access all digital content in the program.

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