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Guide to Hate Speech in All Its Aspects

The Hrant Dink Foundation has translated into Turkish the guide "Hate Speech in All Its Aspects" by the international human rights organization ARTICLE 19, which does important work in the field of freedom of expression and freedom of the press.
Author / Editor:
Translation: Bülent Çınar
Publishing Date:
Prapared by: ARTICLE 19
Published by: Hrant Dink Foundation

The guide aims to provide a tool on how to identify, recognize and effectively combat "hate speech" while protecting the rights to freedom of expression and equality.

The guide is divided into two basic sections;

First, we present that "hate speech" does not have a single definition under international human rights law, but is a broad concept that encompasses a variety of expressions. The Guide presents a typology that can be used to identify and distinguish between different forms of 'hate speech' according to their weight and in light of States' obligations under international human rights law. (Part I)

Second, guidance on what policies state and non-state actors can develop to maximize opportunities to combat hate speech while creating an environment that enables freedom of expression and equality and addresses the underlying causes of 'hate speech'. provides. (Part II)

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February 2023