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Monitoring Report of Volunteer and Employee Workers' Rights in Turkey's Civil Society

Universus- Center for Social Researches, published the outcome of their meeting in which they organize within the scope of Solidarity for Civil Field and with the 18 participants from different CSO's, in a report named "Monitoring Report of Volunteer and Employee Workers' Rights in Turkey's Civil Society".
Author / Editor:
N. Eylül Açıkkol
Şeyma Keskin
Publishing Date:
Universus- Center for Social Researches

In the report, experience sharing on recruitment processes in CSOs and in-house participation of volunteer and paid employees, their expectations from the civil field, their needs, their solution suggestions, and good examples take place.

The report includes the problems encountered in labor processes in the civil field, violations, experiences, and recommendations regarding rights.

A few notes from the recommendations part of the report are as follows;

- The problems and needs of non-governmental workers vary according to their field of work in CSOs. For this reason, the social rights and voluntary rights of civil society workers should be organized in intertwined but independent themes for rights struggles.

- Models of organization and/or solidarity should be formed to express the needs, problems, and demands of the people working in the civil field as a subject to decision-makers and funding institutions.

- In terms of working conditions in the civilian field, there are also good examples that observe the well-being of the employee and volunteer, protect social rights, and existing policy documents become functional in the structure of the organization. Civil society organizations with these good practices should stand together against labor exploitation.

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October 2021