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Violations of The Rights Of Women With Disabilities During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Turkey Federation of Blind published the result report of the study carried out in collaboration with the Etkiniz EU Programme, with the title "Right Violations of Disabled Women In Pandemic Process".
Author / Editor:
Çoşkun Gök
Şule Sepin İçli
Publishing Date:
Disability Rights
The Turkish Federation of the Blind

The report stated that disabled women were exposed to multiple discrimination and rights violations in the Covid-19 pandemic more than usual periods and other segments of the society due to their disability and femininity.

The report also stated that the extent of the impacts of the pandemic on disabled women could not be fully revealed due to the continuity of the pandemic process and the lack of sufficient data from countries, and emphasized that despite the clear gender-based consequences of the crises, intervention and recovery efforts tend to ignore the needs of women and girls.

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June 2022