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Guide for Trainers Developing and Managing EU-Funded Projects

Guidebook for Development and Management of EU Projects and the attached toolkit were prepared for the purpose of assisting the CSOs in Western Balkans and Turkey to comprehend successful management of pre and post-accession EU funds.
Author / Editor:
Technical Asssistance for Civil Society Organisations – TACSO Regional Office Potoklinica 16, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For publisher:
Emina Abrahamsdotter
Regional Training Coordinator

Simon Forrester

Ian Rohr

Šejla Dizdarević
Publishing Date:

Guidebook for Development and Management of EU Projects, aiming to illustrate how CSOs could be more effective and efficient in accessing and managing EU funds, consists of three sections. 

The first section explains the nature of EU funding and the specific opportunities in the region, while the second section defines how civil society organizations are to act from the beginning until the end of the process of determining funding opportunities and how to report the funds used at the end of project. The third section explains how to utilize the attached toolkit.

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May 2022