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Environmental Protection and Climate Change Budgets of Metropolitan Municipalities: An Evaluation for 2021

In the study conducted by the Public Expenditure Monitoring Platform (KAHIP), firstly, the environmental protection and climate change (ÇKİD) in 2021 performance programs of the 14 metropolitan municipalities (BB) and their affiliated institutions (UK, water and sewerage administrations and transportation administrations) with the highest expenditures. It is aimed to classify the targets under reduction, harmonization, waste and other environmental targets and to examine the budget allocated to these targets.
Author / Editor:
Nurhan Yentürk (Bilgi University Civil Society Studies Center)
Yasemin Sayıbaş Akyüz (Bodrum City Council)
Yakup Kadri Karabacak (Attempt Against Thought Crime(!?))
Işık Baştuğ (Kadıköy Municipality Climate Ambassadors)
Gökçen Bayram (Green Thought Association)
Özüm Çelik (Green Thought Association)
Meltem Düzel Ayral (Green Thought Association)
Yağız Eren Abanus (Green Thought Association)
Burcu Genç (Green Future Association)
Simin Kışınbay (Green Future Association) Ece Baykal Fide (Extinction Rebellion)
Publishing Date:
Climate Change
Local Development
Public Expenditures Monitoring Platform
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May 2022