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Human Rights Compliance Report of the Experiences of Survivors of Sexual Violence and Support Units

The Human Rights Compatibility Report of Support Units, prepared by bringing together the questions asked to public institutions on support systems after sexual violence and the experiences of survivors of sexual violence, has been prepared with the support of the EU.
Author / Editor:
Prepared by: Şehlem Kaçar Burcu Uçuran
Advisor: Nisan Kuyu
Publishing Date:
sexual violence
Woman Rights
Human Rights
Association for Combating Sexual Violence

In this report, the difficulties experienced by the clients in reaching the institutions, their experiences and the violations of rights they experienced were included in their own words.

In the 8-month study, nearly 60 national and international legislation, conventions, recommendations, action plans, and protocols were scanned and the compliance of the central, local governments and the Istanbul Bar Association with international standards in Istanbul was questioned.

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May 2022