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Kaos GL: 2021 Media Monitoring Report

According to the Kaos GL 2021 Media Monitoring Report, instead of LGBTI+s being represented in the media as subjects with their lives, wills, and rights; It takes place as a “problem” talked about.
Author / Editor:
Author / Editor:
Edited by Yıldız Tar
Media monitoring: Ali Özbaş
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Kaos GL Association

The research shows that more than half (57%) of the news texts violate the basic rights of LGBTI+s, use hate speech and/or discriminatory language, or foster prejudices against LGBTI+s.

“The media does not represent LGBTI+s, their lives, ideas, and struggles. Instead, he prefers to talk about LGBTI+s. It is not possible to read the voices of LGBTI+s from the media. This means the dehumanization of LGBTI+s in the media. Instead of LGBTI+s being represented in the media as subjects with their lives, wills, and rights; It takes place as a “problem” that is talked about, so to speak.”

According to the research results of 4011 texts published in the written press; In 2273 texts, which constitute more than half (57 percent) of the texts, the fundamental rights of LGBTI+s were violated, hate speech and/or discriminatory language were used, or the texts fed the prejudices against LGBTI+s. 43 percent of the texts (1707) dealing with LGBTI+s were evaluated within the scope of rights journalism.

In the sub-categories of rights violations, discriminatory language, portraying LGBTI+ identities as crime, disease, perversion, immorality or sin, hate speech, hate crime, and violation of freedom of expression and association stand out.

  • In 2021, LGBTI+s were represented with discriminatory language in 2161 news, interviews, and columns. This accounts for 54 percent of all content published in 2021.
  • Hate speech was detected in 1249 texts, which corresponds to 31 percent of all texts.
  • In 1148 texts, hate crimes were committed by targeting LGBTI+ individuals or associations, institutions, and organizations.
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