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Organizational Resilience Handbook

The Organizational Resilience Handbook highlights what can be done to increase the resilience of CSOs.
Author / Editor:
Editorial Coordinator
Tolga Kızılay

Content Development
Elmas Yılan
Filiz Kasap
Tolga Kızılay
Publishing Date:
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
Nonviolent Education and Research Center

"Organizations are like living organisms. Both their internal 'organs' relate to each other and to the external world as a whole. Because of this characteristic, the longevity of organizations is influenced by both internal and external factors. When we think of living organisms, it may not always be possible to change external factors. But "If we strengthen internal processes, i.e. immunity, the power to fight against external factors may increase or the possibility of being harmed by external factors may decrease. This is also true for organizations. Organizations also become more resilient to risky and challenging external factors by increasing their own capacity."

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July 2024