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Rights-Based Journalism Report on Sexual Violence

The report of CŞMD, in which the results of the "Rights-Based Journalism in the Field of Sexual Violence" workshops and the "It's Not That Way" campaign, conducted between 2017-2019, are published.
Author / Editor:
Mine Egbatan
Şehlem Kaçar
Publishing Date:
sexual violence
Association for Combating Sexual Violence

One of the most significant steps in the fight against sexual violence is that the media produces content that makes sexual violence visible and points out its crime, empowers victims and protects their rights, and supports their struggle. For this purpose, we share with you the final report of the workshops and awareness-raising campaigns for the media.

919 people, 69 of whom are media professionals, attended the workshops held by CŞMD in 23 sessions in 8 cities over three years. 

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