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Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy Paper

The Association for Combating Sexual Violence (CŞMD), which has prepared a Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy Document to reveal the institutional policy approach of the association against sexual violence and harassment, has shared the document publicly for those who want to benefit from the text. Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy Document was prepared to determine the own institutional policy of the Association for Combating Sexual Violence.
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Association for Combating Sexual Violence (CŞMD)

In the Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy Document, in which it is emphasized that sexual violence can occur in all relationships, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, the purpose and scope are listed under the following headings:

  • To present an applicable, clear, and updatable directive with an equal and fair approach, which will be followed following cases of sexual harassment and violence that may occur in the association,
  • To determine the responsibilities of the association and individuals during and after the reporting process of sexual violence and/or harassment,
  • Creating a safe space for the members of the association (employees, members, volunteers, and interns) and ensuring that the parties know their rights
  • It is to offer a protective-preventive and restorative tool so that violent behaviors are not experienced and repeated.

       You can reach the Policy Document here . 

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August 2022