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Oak Foundation

Oak Foundation works on different topics such as child abuse, environment, housing and homelessness, international human rights, women's studies, and learning differences..
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About the Organization

The Foundation uses its resources to raise and solve global social and environmental problems that affect the lives of particularly disadvantaged individuals. The foundation has different fields of work including child abuse, environment, housing and homelessness, international human rights, women's issues, learning differences and special projects. 

Priority Areas

Women's studies, international human rights.

About Application

The application dates of each program and the countries it is open to should be followed on the website. Although the foundation opens grant calls, many grants are also given to institutions invited by program officials. A pre-application letter, not exceeding two pages, is written for grant applications. The pre-application letter should include the name of the organization, the duration of the project, its goals, activities, the location of the project, the definition of the target audience, the total budget of the project, the requested budget, and other existing and potential support institutions. Program officials invite organizations whose pre-applications are accepted for full applications. Pre-applications and full applications are sent to each program's own email address. Applications must be a minimum of 25,000 USD.   

Although the conditions in each call for application are different, it is stated that the Foundation seeks six basic principles for the projects to be supported: targeting the underlying issues, repeatability in an industry or different geographic areas, taking long-term sustainability plans into account, guaranteed co-financing, being open to cooperation with organizations with similar stances, and valuing the participation of targeted communities, including children.

For further information:



Email: [email protected] 



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