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Guidebook on Communication, Cooperation and Campaign Implementation for CSOs

This guidebook that was prepared for the purpose of assisting the civil society organizations in communication, cooperation and campaign implementation processes, practical examples are provided for civil society organizations.
Author / Editor:
Nafiz Güder
Sunay Demircan ve Aysun Sayın’ın katkılarıyla
Publishing Date:

Guidebook on Communication, Cooperation and Campaign Implementation for CSOs, of which first print was prepared by Nafiz Güder with contributions from STGM founder member Sunay Demircan, was published as a second print with the contributions of Aysun Sayın. 

The guidebook contains hints on what to take into consideration in regards to their internal communication, and their communications with target groups and stakeholders, media, public and official authorities, politicians, scientific institutions, international organizations, sponsor and supporting organizations, and private sector.  In the guidebook, the principles on how a campaign should be prepared, implemented and monitored are explained step by step over an example campaign.

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December 2023