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Harnessing the Power of Youth

The report titled ‘Activating the Power of Youth: An Examination on Young People Neither In Education, Employment and Training (NEET) & Policy and Civil Society Models Encourager For Active Participation of Young People’ was published within the scope of ‘Enhance Advocacy Capacity of Civil Society Organizations Working With Young People: Supporting CSOs Through Research Way Project.’
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Development Analytics
Young Guru Academy (YGA)

The report was prepared within the scope of the project, carried out with the collaboration of YGA (Young Guru Academy) and Development Analytics and having the aim of contributing to academic and analytic researches on young people who are not participating in employment, education, and training, researching strengthening models for young people in current CSOs and foregrounding these models for policy-makers.

Although Turkey has a demographic transition process of young and dynamic population, at least one of four young people (between the age of 15-29) does not take place either in education, employment and training (NEET). Besides, among other OECD countries, Turkey has the highest rate of NEET as well as has the remarkably highest gap rate of NEET between young men and women.

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January 2021