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Organization Procedure for Civil Society in Time of Crisis

The Association for Quality in Social Responsibility, the Share the Future Civil Initiative, and Yaşar University, prepared the "Organization Procedure for Civil Society in Times of Crisis" within the scope of the European Union Sivil Düşün Program Special Support: "Things That Bind Us".
Author / Editor:
Alemdar Kadıoğlu
Metin Şavural
Kevser Çimenli
Murat Akbıyık
Oya Demir
Özge Can Görgün
Ümit Yardım
Yağmur Bayındır
Publishing Date:
Association for Quality in Social Responsibility
Share the Future Civil Initiative
Yaşar University

The booklet consists of two parts with those titles: "Organization of CSOs in Turkey and the world" and "Procedure for Civil Society Organizations in Times of Crisis".

In the study, a roadmap is presented for civil society organizations, caught unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic that started in December 2019 and affected the whole world, to organize their activities in times of crisis.

The procedure study aims to help organizations to prepare their regulations based on different crisis periods, to contribute to the establishment of a procedure that shows that each institution can adapt itself, adapt and organize quickly without stopping its activities, regardless of the crisis.

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August 2022