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Perception of Discrimination in Turkey and Obstacles Encountered in the Process of Applying to Legal Mechanisms

The report titled “Perception of Discrimination in Turkey and Obstacles Encountered in the Process of Applying to the Claims Mechanisms”, which examines the perception of discrimination in Turkish society, people's education level, income level and gender, was shared with the public.
Author / Editor:
Mustafa Kemal Coşkun
Ercan Şen
Publishing Date:
Society and Legal Studies Foundation
Monitoring Association for Equal Rights

In the study, the discrimination perception of Turkish society was examined from different aspects such as education level, income level, and gender. Within the scope of the report, interviews were held with a total of 1200 people in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Samsun, Edirne, Hatay, and Mardin.

About half of the participants, who were asked to rate how widespread discrimination is in Turkey from 1 to 10, stated that discrimination is 'too much. The rate of those who stated that discrimination is partially widespread was recorded as 38.6 percent, while 12.4 percent argued that discrimination is not widespread.

In the study, which also examined the perception of discrimination in terms of education level, it was underlined that the perception of discrimination showed parallelism with the increase in education level. According to this, while the participants with secondary school and below education level mostly have a medium level of discrimination perception, this perception increases after high school graduates; culminating in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

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August 2022