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Paris Municipality Participatory Budget Practice

Within the context of the Right to Participation Project we carry out with the support of the European Union, following the study visit paid to France and involved the civil society organizations and public institutions in January 2020 we compiled the observations of the study visit, the documents provided by Paris Municipality and the reports prepared regarding the subject under an information note.
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The information note, which aims to support citizen and CSO participation in local administrations, also includes the Turkish translation of "Paris Participatory Budget Charter".    Paris Municipality “Participatory Budget Practice", although a limited practice, is shown among the good practices by indexes related to the subject in terms of participation of citizens and civil society organizations in decision making processes.

What is the Concept of Participatory Budget?

Participatory budgeting, which was first implemented in Porto Alegre city of Brazil in 1989, defines a process through which the expenditure priorities of local administrations are determined and budgeted in line with the participation and preferences of society. In this local democracy model implemented in different cities around the world, approximately 5 to 15 percent of local administrations' investment budget is determined through participatory budgeting.

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