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European Youth Foundation

The European Youth Foundation provides funds for youth-related activities organized by civil society organizations every year.
The European Union

About the Organization 

The European Youth Foundation, which was established by the Council of Europe in 1972 to fund youth activities, provides funds for youth-related activities organized by non-governmental organizations every year.

EYF provides financial support to international youth meetings, other non-meeting activities, administrative expenses of international youth organizations and networks, and pilot projects.

The primary objectives of the grants are to assist young people, especially disadvantaged youth, to achieve their goals, to support youth participation and organization, to contribute to social inclusion, and to develop programs and structures according to changes in society. There are 5 different categories of grants. The criteria required for each grant are detailed on the website.

  • International Event
  • Annual Business Plan
  • Structural Grant
  • One-Time Structural Grant
  • Pilot Event

Priority Areas 

Human rights and democracy, living together in diverse societies, social participation of young people, political approaches, and tools that benefit young people and children.

About Application

Local, national, and international non-governmental youth organizations and non-governmental organizations working on youth can apply for grants.

Before applying, youth organizations need to register in the EYF database on its website. Only the registered organizations whose registration is approved by EYF can start and complete the application process. 

For further information:


Email: [email protected]



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