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Fund for Innovation in Development

A key initiative of the President of the French Republic in favor of the modernization of French official development assistance, the Fund for Innovation in Development (FID) is a new financing mechanism.
Foreign Country Initiatives/Institutions

Topic: Community Development, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Development, Fight Against Poverty and Inequality

Donor: Initiative of the President of the French Republic

Priority Areas :  FID aims to support innovation in the service the fight against poverty and inequality. 

About Application: FID allows innovators from all types of organizations – research institutions, NGOs, governments, companies – to test new ideas, experiment and demonstrate what works on the basis of proven scientific evaluation approaches, and scale the most effective solutions with the most positive and lasting impact. 

Eligibility Criteria of FID are;

  • Applications from nearly any type of applicant, independently or in partnership with others are accepted, including: research institutes and institutions of higher education; governments or public agencies; non-governmental organizations; and private, for-profit companies. 
  • Individuals applying independently and public international and multilateral institutions are ineligible for funding. 
  • Applications from innovators and researchers of all nationalities living in all geographies are accepted, but specifically encourages applications from organizations based in, led by, and significantly staffed by people from low and middle-income countries; people who identify as women; and other marginalized populations. FID accepts applications in French or English.
  • Only applications in French or English are accepted

Contact: Please check out application webpage of FID 

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