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Heinrich Böll Association

Heinrich Böll Association works on human rights, peace, cultural change, and women's rights.
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About the Organization

Heinrich Böll Association is an independent political non-governmental organization close to the Green Party of Germany. It works on human rights, peace, cultural change, and women's rights.

For 15 years, Turkey Representation Office has been in an effort to support and encourage initiatives and studies aimed at democratization, protection of human rights and minority rights, ecological energy, climate change, and sustainable development, and development of global and regional security policies.

Turkey Representation Office of Heinrich Böll Association, which is headquartered in Istanbul, supports civil society initiatives that follow the above principles and strive to protect the democratic social order established on the basis of the rule of law principles without discrimination among people by gender, ethnicity, religion and color.

Priority Areas

Democracy, ecology, foreign policy, and security policies.

About Application

Turkey Office aims to strengthen civil society, as well as the development of dialogue between the scientific and political circles and society, and contributes to the establishment of a fair globalization process. The Project Application Guide, which contains detailed information about project applications, can be accessed from the address below.



Email: [email protected]


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June 2022