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12 Principles in Good Democratic Governance

We translated the brochure of European Council Local Administration Reform Experts Committee titled as "12 Principles in Good Democratic Governance" into Turkish.
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In the brochure, originating from the argument that "Good Democratic Governance" is a requirement at all levels of public administration, it is indicated that this is of primary important in regards to local scale due to the local administration being the closest to citizens.  
The principles included in the brochure titled as "12 Principles in Good Democratic Governance" are as follows; 

  1. Participation, Representation, Fair Conduct of Elections
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness
  4. Openness and Transparency
  5. Rule of Law
  6. Ethical Conduct
  7. Competence and Capacity
  8. Innovation and Openness to Change
  9. Sustainability and Long-term Orientation
  10. Firm Financial Management
  11. Human rights, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion
  12. Accountability
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October 2022