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Gender Guidebook for Civil Society Organizations

Gender Guidebook for Civil Society Organizations was prepared by Aksu Bora for the purpose of enabling civil society organizations active in various fields to also utilize gender equality perspective when defining their fields of activity and the issues therein and seeking solutions to such issues.
Author / Editor:
Aksu Bora
Publishing Date:

Bora, highlighting that gender based discrimination and inequality is not only the problem of women's organizations but of all society, attempts to assist in the guidebook the civil society organizations and activities to be able to notice the connections between objective of gender and their own objectives.

Gender Guidebook for Civil Society Organizations attempts to explain our field of activity, definition of gender and its appearances, perspectives abiding by gender equality, the fact that forced heterosexuality is a type of discrimination that does not shape only the lives of homosexual and trans individuals, and not only sexual orientation but the lives of all people, and the actions need to be performed for actualizing gender equality in the field of policies and civil society field.

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September 2022