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Robert Bosch Foundation: Relations Between Germany and Turkey

Robert Bosch Foundation's Program for Relations between Germany and Turkey works to develop mutual understanding and trust between the two countries.
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About the Organization

The Foundation not only conducts studies within its own programs but also supports individuals and institutions that make projects and initiatives in Germany and the world with grants, scholarships, competitions, and awards. One of the program areas is designated as International Relations. In this program, there is a field of study related to Germany-Turkey Relations. The foundation provides support to projects realized to improve relations between Germany and Turkey. Its goal is to develop mutual understanding and trust between the two countries. 

Priority Areas

Migration, integration, social inclusion, sustainable living spaces, social cohesion in Germany and Europe. 

About Application

For application, the pre-application form on the website is filled in and sent to the contact address below. In the pre-application, it is expected to explain the scope and financial requirements of the proposed project. At the same time, the applicant is expected to provide information on which priority areas the proposed project will contribute to the Foundation, the response framework, and potential partners and supporters. If the application, which should not exceed two pages, is found positive, the institution is invited for a full application. The pre-application results are announced in about four weeks.

For further information:



[email protected]

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