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BIRLIKTE: Local CSOs Institutional Support Program, "Determinations on the Impacts of COVID-19 Outbreak on Civil Society and Activism" Report

We conducted a series of meetings during April 2020 in order to study the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, which entered the global agenda on December 2019, on civil society organizations and activism, and we published the results of the meetings we held in the report titled as "Determinations on the Impacts of COVID-19 Outbreak on Civil Society and Activism" between 8 and 10 April 2020.
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The meetings within the context of the study were conducted under 5 different thematical titles and in 5 sessions where the organizations were grouped in accordance to their fields of activity. 58 representatives from 39 civil society organizations attended at the CSO meetings that lasted 3 days. 

During the meetings, beneficiary organizations in BİRLİKTE Program highlighted that the pandemic created impacts on the disadvantaged groups that deepened the unequal conditions of these groups, and the organizations with target groups or beneficiaries of groups employed with daily wages, low salaries and no social security, Roma people, women, children, handicapped groups and families, Syrian immigrants, LGBTI+ individuals and animals living in the streets mentioned that the challenges such groups experience in accessing fundamental rights and needs increased during the quarantine period.

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